Travel Moments...

Traveling is another passion of mine and I do enjoy taking photos while traveling. As much as I like photography, I still prefer to capture photos using my smart phone (Samsung S6 and S3) or a bridge camera like Canon G12 which I own one (or a point-and-shoot camera like Canon IXUS 870 which I used to have). Some of the reasons are I like to travel light and also I can’t see myself carrying additional weight for the camera equipment.

These pictures were captured by me using one of the devices mentioned above and I have printed some of them to decorate my apartment. If you happen to like any of them, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to print them for you at minimal charge!

Ann Arbor, MI

Where I experience the first 4 seasons in my life...

Ashland & Crater Lake, OR

The nature is beautiful, especially in the morning!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Beautiful history..a must-visit

Borneo, Sabah

The island and the underwater world here are pristine

New York City

A place full of skycrappers and dreamers


The place where we began a westcoast roadtrip CA-OR-WA

East Coast Malaysia

Where my diving passion brought me to explore the islands...


Where I enjoy the scenic windmills along I-80