About Me



Thanks for dropping by my site, intentionally or by chance 😉 If you know me personally, you would have known by now that I love snapping photos with my phone camera, I have thousands of photos in my phone! Hence, I created this blog to tell stories of my photo collections… Often, I will relate the food to my friends and family, childhood memory, special someone, or any events.

A brief info about me: I am from Ampang, Selangor (which is near Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia. Friends and family know me as Yin Ping, my dive instructors and dive masters know me as Chloe, and so do people in the States. Was in machine translation industry for 7.5 years before deciding that it’s time for me to pursue my personal goal: to go back to school for a graduate degree abroad. Flew to Detroit, USA in August 2012 and started my journey abroad at School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, then headed to Omaha, Nebraska to work with a Fortune 500 company, specializing in data engineering and data analytics.  Currently residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado and working from home 🙂 I enjoy coding, analyzing data, visualizing data, traveling, cooking, baking, snapping photos and diy-ing. Current favourite activity is exploring the scenic outdoor in CO Springs and CO in general!

My previous blogs talked about my traveling and my grad school journey… And this blog will have more stories about food! I have never thought that I’ll fall in love with cooking and baking as I started them while studying in Ann Arbor to save $$$ and to treat my cravings for Malaysian food while being away from home 😉 And since I like to capture food that I made … I thought why not! Every food that I made has some stories to tell. When we were young, my dad used to bring us to try out restaurants around KL during the weekends. And as we grew up, my siblings and I have great passion in searching for best food around the town. My best buddy and I were always on food hunt adventure too, extending to Ipoh, Penang, Malacca, Kota Bharu, Terengganu, etc 😉 Furthermore, Malaysia is full of varieties in terms of food! It’s food haven! In addition, food has connected me to my special someone (also known as MC in this blog) since the very first day we met in Summer 2013 😉 He is my #1 fan currently! :p

Occasionally, there will be some posts about DIY or other creative projects that I enjoy doing as well. And sometimes, you will see some random posts of non-food, non-DIY photos that I took 😉

Also, check out my Data Visualization section! It contains my graduate study work as well as side project that I do to for my work.

Enjoy the photos and the write ups! Feel free to leave any comment or email me at yinpingng[at]gmail[dot]com 😉