Jackfruit (Nangka)


My family home back in Ampang, Malaysia used to have 2 jackfruit trees. Whenever it’s time to harvest the jackfruits, my mom would open up the big jackfruit and retrieve the fruit flesh one by one. If we have more than enough jackfruits, they will be distributed among relatives. Back then, her trick is to apply some cooking oil onto her knife and her hands since the fruit has rubbery texture. If you miss this step, you’ll end up having to figure out how to wash your hand completely clean after that. One method that worked for me was washing my hands with lotion.

This memory almost faded away until recently, MC and I decided to buy a cut of jackfruit from an Asian Market in Colorado Springs. Thanks to my childhood memory, I knew how to handle this monster. But what I didn’t realize is how tough it was for my mom to stand for hours at the back compound, trying to retrieve each flesh, removing the seed from it. It’s definitely not the easiest fruit to deal with but it’s worth the effort because this high-fiber fruit is delicious! It’s one of my favorite tropical fruits. Not only the flesh is delicious, the seeds can be boiled with some salt as healthy snack!



Jackfruit was new to MC and his first taste of it was from out trip back to KL few months ago. As usual, my dad would bring some tropical fruits to and dinner gathering regardless of the venue. On that night, he brought along durian, rambutan and jackfruit 🙂 I am glad MC shared the same liking as me for jackfruit. Looks like there’ll be more visit to the Asian market for more jackfruit, especially when they sell it in smaller cuts rather than the whole fruit 🙂



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