Ground Pork w Tofu, Pickled Mustard Green and Chives

Ground Pork w Tofu, Pickled Mustard Green and Chives

Ground Pork w Tofu, Pickled Mustard Green and Chives

Sometimes, I make dishes based on what I have  in the refrigerator. This recipe is inspired by one of these times and this recipe is a keeper for me! The dish has the sour and savory taste which complements a plain bowl of white rice(or brown rice) really well.

Pickled mustard green was not used in my mom’s cooking while growing up.  My sis and I first tried making stir-fred ground pork with pickled mustard green and red chilli when I was at her place years ago and we fell in love with the flavor instantly. We couldn’t really figure out why the taste seemed very familiar and she suddenly recalled where we tasted pickled mustard green before! There’s a Taiwanese Noodle Restaurant at Ampang Point (a shopping mall near my house) that serves cut pickled mustard green as a condiment for the noodle dish! We’ll always ask for more of the condiments because it tastes so good with the noodles.

If you are wondering how the pickled mustard green taste like, it tastes sour and salty. To reduce the saltiness/sourness, rinse the mustard green with cold water for a while before using it. And because this pickled green has intense flavor and together with the chives, you don’t really need to add much seasoning to this dish 😉

Ground Pork w Tofu, Pickled Mustard Green and Chives
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Lunch / Dinner
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: 2 servings
  • Ground pork (or you can substitute with pork slices, chicken slices, shrimp) - diced
  • Medium firm tofu
  • Pickled green mustard - sliced
  • Garlic Chives (Nira Green) - cut into 1.5-2-inch length
  • Onion - diced
  • Garlic - minced
  • Oyster sauce
  • Ground black pepper/white pepper
  • (I didn't put measurement as I did not really measure it but as a guide, you can use 1:1 ratio for pork and tofu, mustard and chives)
  1. Heat pan with a tbsp of canola oil.
  2. Add garlic and onion and stir fry till it's aromatic
  3. Add ground pork and pan fry it till it's cooked
  4. Add chives and pickled mustard green, mix them with ground pork
  5. Add tofu
  6. Add oyster sauce and a little bit of pepper
  7. Add in 2-3 tbsp of water
  8. Your dish is ready to be served with a bowl of rice!




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