DIY Photo Print Canvas


DIY Photo Print Canvas


When I first got to Ann Arbor for my graduate study, it was like a totally new world to me. Amazed with everything. One of my goals to study abroad is to experience 4 seasons and Ann Arbor is the perfect place for this! The pictures above were taken at Fletcher Park, a block away from my school campus. I used to wait for the Blue Bus (a free bus service provided by University of Michigan)  at the bus stop near the park to go to my part-time job office and that was when I stumbled upon the scenic view of the park during the fall.

It was my first Fall in my life and the view was just too breathtaking for me. I’ll never forget the moment. Since then, it has been my habit to capture the park at almost the same spot whenever I notice some changes. And I thought it will be nice to frame up these photo collection.

To make this DIY canvas print, I had these photos printed on laser jet using regular paper (photo prints works well too and in my opinion Costco Printing is the most cost effective), 8×8 canvas frame, Mod Podge and a foam brush.

– Put a layer of mod podge onto the canvas (this will act as glue) using a foam brush.

– Stick the photo onto the canvas. Let it dry.

– Using the foam brush, put a layer of mod podge horizontally. Let it dry, repeat the same process but do it vertically this time.

– And you are done! You can hang the canvas on your wall. Double-sided tape works well or if you prefer nail, go ahead 😉




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  1. I totally loved this affordable idea to having our own canvas prints I m giving it a try as I post this I hope it comes out right. My college bound daughter needs some things to hang on her wall so I want to surprise her with a set of canvas prints of family photos and scanned images of her artwork.

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