Curry Laksa


Curry Laksa


Curry laksa is one of the signature Malaysian dishes. I don’t think you can get it elsewhere besides Singapore. I did not really eat much curry laksa growing up because I thought it was spicy. But as I grow older, my liking for curry laksa grew. Curry laksa is one of my mom’s favorite noodle. Her favorite place to get curry laksa is somewhere you would never imagine because it’s pretty hidden. I would guess only locals around Kg Baru Ampang know the place. It opens only in the evening, and it’s located near Fong Fong Yong Yau Fu restaurant (a famous place for Yong Tau Fu, another popular dish among Malaysian Chinese). I would park my car at the bus stop in front of the restaurant, walk over to the curry laksa place and order two curry laksa for to-go.

MC had curry laksa for the first time in Vancouver and he has long-lasting impression on how good it was. While he was visiting, we thought of tying to make curry laksa. Found this really good site called Malaysian Chinese Kitchen that has easy-to-follow recipe and video. If you want to know more about curry laksa, I would suggest reading the post in the hyperlink. The author did  a great job in describing curry laksa and its history. In my opinion, tau fu pok (or fried tofu with hollow filling) is a must in curry laksa. However, because it wasn’t really feasible for us to make a trip to Asian market, we made the laksa without it. It still tasted good though! This recipe is a keeper!







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