Fish Cake


Fish Cake

This dish was inspired by a Korean show that I was watching, 2 Days 1 Night. It was showing a scene where the casts was playing a game on a mountain hike to win the fish cake for snacks. Then, I realized how much I have been missing fish cakes! Found this recipe¬†from Maangchi’s site who has great easy-to-follow Korean recipes.

My rendition turned out different from hers as I invented my own way of shaping the fish cakes before frying them. I had no idea that making fish cake could be so simple! I love how the recipe uses fish+squid+shrimp as I do prefer squid/shrimp ball than fish ball.

These cooked fish cakes still taste great after being refrigerated or frozen. I tried the fresh, refrigerated and frozen version and all of them taste good, so no worries if you are making a big batch or if you want to make this ahead of time.





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