Agar-agar with Mandarin Oranges + Mint


Agar-agar with Mandarin Oranges + Mint

We used to make agar-agar occasionally at home. But the fondest memory of agar-agar is the cendol jelly made by my dad’s friend. We used to order a box or two of cendol jelly(and other flavors which I don’t remember :p) from this friend for family gatherings and we’ll pick up the boxes from this friend’s home before heading to gatherings.

Few years later (or probably many many years later), my youngest aunt started bringing konnyaku jelly for family gatherings 😉 My sis loves that! Konnyaku jelly is basically fruit jelly. And it’s normally come in the form of powder while agar-agar is normally in the form of block or strips.

I have always thought that ‘jelly’ is the translation for agar-agar but I don’t think so now. I have seen the ‘agar agar’ label on American cooking shows and I was surprised 😉 Agar-agar is obtained from algae! Besides used in cooking, it’s also used in scientific field too.

Back to my snapshot, I was excited to find agar-agar blocks in Asian market and I bought it. And I was trying out to see if I can make fruit jelly from agar-agar instead of konnyaku powder 😉 And the answer is YES! For this version, I put some canned mandarin oranges and fresh mint leaves into silicon cups before pouring in the boiled agar-agar. And I found a blog mentioning about agar-agar:water:sugar ratio to get the texture+sweetness right. The ratio should be 12g:1 litre of water: 90g of sugar. As usual, I reduced the sugar amount to about 70g but it’s almost tastelesss so I would suggest to follow the ratio 😉



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