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Although I view myself as a tech-savvy person, I don’t really have interest in hardware configurations. Thus, I always get my friends or brothers or MC to do me some favors in installing additional memory, buying external hard disk, configuring modem/routers, flashing custom ROM, etc. However, things changed when I moved in to a one-bedroom apartment and living alone for first time in my life! The first piece of hardware that I had to deal with was my router. Despite some hiccups, I managed to set it up and got connected to the ‘world’ last year :p Well, that was with some cheats as MC has configured the router(errrr with a super creative password that I still couldn’t memorize until now)  a week before the service was connected but I still had to do some configurations when my ISP activated the service!

Things went really well with my Internet connection until recently when I decided to fulfill another personal dream of mine: to buy a domain and publish my site. My ‘awesome’ router did not want to display my newly purchased and configured website! So, I tried using this command [sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder] in my Macbook terminal to flush the dns but it doesn’t work. My mobile phone is also having similar issue so I figured it must be my connection issue. Some sites suggested turning off the router for at least 5 mins and restarting it, rebooting the machine, clearing browser cache….but these did not work for me.

And finally, I found the solution from this page! And also take a look at this and this. To summarize, the problem is because my router is set to use the ISP’s DNS settings. Somehow, my ISP’s DNS settings is not refreshing the DNS cache and still load the old cache of my new domain! And today, I just learned about Google Public DNS and OpenDNS, which you can read more in the second and third link above. I opted to use the Google Public DNS because it has a page that allows you to flush a domain cache (this will be handy when I change my domain hosting/config/etc in the future). Another reason is because the IP addresses can be easily typed in to my router config 😉



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