Hearts Deco


Hearts Deco

The inspiration came when I was thinking what I can do with limited budget to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together… What can you expect from someone who just finished grad school, jobless and homeless with student loan while waiting to start a full-time job :p ┬áNevertheless, I still wanted to incorporate some elements of surprise for the celebration in Ames. It’s a very simple idea with simple materials but believe it or not, this deco has just survived second V-day celebration with us ­čśë This deco is a sentimental piece for us. MC brought them all the way from Ames┬áto Omaha last summer and now it’s residing at my apartment.

1. Insert heart shape objects into a MS Word document. Try to compress as many hearts as possible onto one page so that you can maximize the total hearts you can cut out.

2. Print the document using colored papers and cut the hearts along the printed lines.

3. Connect those hearts by threading through a needle with regular thread.

4. Finally, you can hang them however you want them. I used paper clips to hand them on the blinds. I also tried making a S hook from paper clips and hung them over curtains.

I plan to keep them as long as possible!



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