Yam Cake


Yam Cake

Yam is one of my all-time-favorite food! I am glad that the Asian market always has yam on their vegetables shelf 😉 For the past few times, the only way I cook the yam is with pork, beancurd sheet, napa cabbage and fermented beancurd. But then, I was craving for yam cake one day and decided to make it 😉 Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time I made it. I made it once and I remember bringing it to office and shared it with my ex-co workers.

Yam cake is always associated with my fifth aunt in my family. She is the only one who makes yam cake to family gathering. Miss her yam cake! One of the main ingredients for yam cake is dried shrimp but unfortunately, I don’t have it (partially because he doesn’t like LKK shrimp paste and thus I try to avoid shrimpy products in my pantry :p but he seems to be curious about belacan so I may change my mind). So, I looked for vegetarian version of yam cake so that I can assess what will be a suitable substitute for it. I ended up substituting it with chinese shitake mushroom (the dried version which needs to be re-hydrated) and preserved radish (I only have the sweet version although salty version is recommended) . Topping it with fried shallot adds more flavor 😉

It didn’t require much effort to make this and I will definitely make it again 😉



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