Sushi roll + tonkatsu + panko shrimp


Sushi roll + tonkatsu + panko shrimp

First attempt in making sushi rolls! After doing more research, I realized that the avocado on the roll is not the presented in the best way but there’s always the first time, isn’t it? 😉 It was a joy cooking together with loved ones, especially when both of us were pretty clueless! And the best part was we ate everything on the plate! One of the condiments that I didn’t manage to capture is the pickled ginger. I am not a fan of wasabi but I always go for the pinky pickled ginger served at Japanese restaurants. And you know what, it’s super easy to make it!

Eating Japanese food reminds me of my buddy one in a while, we love to go to Sushi Zanmai, located at The Gardens, Mid Valley City, KL. That’s our weekend indulgence when we meet up 😉

Over here in Omaha, there are few Japanese restaurants that are nearby my apartment. It’s pretty convenient to dine in one them occasionally. But I definitely enjoy rolling my own sushi, thanks to the color and presentation….let’s just conclude that I love making pretty food 😉



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