Rice Porridge


Rice Porridge

Porridge is one of my favorite comfort food… Whenever I am not feeling well, the first food that comes to my mind is porridge…My mom’s signature porridge is pork meatball or pork rib porridge…it’s so simple but when you mix it with soy sauce, sesame oil and white pepper…it’s so satisfying! Another type of porridge that I know is made by my buddy’s mom, Hokkien style: plain white porridge with many many condiments. So here I am, trying to mix the one-pot porridge and plain porridge+condiments with whatever ingredients that I have in my fridge. This is also my first time trying out brown rice porridge and it’s as good as white porridge. From the left clockwise, you have sambal ikan bilis (anchovies sambal), stir fried chopped bok choy, ground peanuts, shallot oil and finally a bowl of carrot-ginger porridge topped with cilantro, soy sauce, white pepper and sesame oil. It’s not a regular combination, I doubt you can get this at any restaurant or food stall but sometimes, when you are not feeling well, you just want to get some comfort food and get well soon 😉



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