Pan seared salmon with 2 sides


Pan seared salmon with 2 sides

Salmon is not a popular fish in Malaysian dishes… I don’t really remember if I had any pan seared salmon back in KL but it’s commonly found in Japanese restaurants in KL in the form of sushi. One of the things that I took for granted while living in KL is the easy access to fresh seafood, poultry and red meat. When I was studying in Ann Arbor, my roommate and I were very thrifty when it comes to grocery shopping… The place that we normally go to is Meijer and we’ll normally get frozen fish and shrimp as well as some other meat (whichever that is on sale) for sharing. We did not normally cook meat on its own, we’ll normally cook it together with some other vegetables so that we can ration the usage and still get a decent amount of food for our meals. Sounds pitiful, isn’t it? :p

I still continue the habit after I started working full time. But then, when I discovered the seafood section in the Asian market that sells non-frozen seafood and the price is comparable to frozen seafood sold in regular store, I was so excited! The salmon fillet above costs about $6 and it tasted much much much better than those thinly sliced frozen salmon. I couldn’t even finish this serving, I spared half of it for my lunch! As for the sides, I made a stir fried gai lan, and salad with barley, corns, black olives, cilantro and pinto beans (it’s just a combination of food that I like). Overall, a satisfying dinner! For a salmon fillet that size, it may have cost me at least $20 to have that in a restaurant (excluding tips!).



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