Ipoh Chicken Rice


Ipoh Chicken Rice

I love chicken rice…but I have never made them when I was back in KL because you can find it in any food court and Ampang itself has so many famous chicken rice places. After nearly 11 months without chicken rice in the States, not sure what led MC and I talked about Hainanese Chicken Rice while we were hanging out with friends during our summer internship. So we decided to make Chicken Rice for dinner and that was my first attempt to make it on my own without my sister’s help, thanks to this recipe!

I believe Hainanese Chicken Rice is not served with bean sprout but the Ipoh version does. And Ipoh version is normally served with hor fun (rice noodles)…the chicken broth is awesome, apparently it’s because of the water quality in Ipoh. I tried serving it with bok choy and char siu( bbq pork) too and yes, it’s a good addition. The picture above was not from Summer 2013…my phone has too many photos that it will take a while for me to find the picture… But anyway, made this recently when MC was visiting just to reminisce the significance of the chicken rice meal in our relationship 😉



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