Fresh Fruit Cake


Fresh Fruit Cake

Normally, an Asian fruit cake is more colorful than this and it has smooth icing. But since it’s my first time and knowing that there’s no way I can make a perfect smooth icing, I decided to go with this look 🙂 For anyone growing up in KL or Malaysia in general, I am pretty sure he/she would have tasted fresh fruit cake. Go to any bakery and the chance to find it is almost 100%. This is one of the favorite cakes among my family, making this reminded me of family back at home!

During MC’s birthday last year, I wanted to introduce this type of cake to him. Asian cake is fluffier, lighter, and airier compared to western cake which is denser and heavier. I initially thought, well, it’s because the cake quality in some Asian bakeries is not good. But I guess I am wrong! The baking technique is different! This cake is supposed to be sponge cake (similar texture to Angel cake but less sweet) but sadly, it looked better than it tasted. The sponge cake wasn’t as spongy as I wanted ;( I’ll try harder next time, MC!



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