Egg tarts


Egg tarts

Egg tarts is one of my favorite Chinese pastries. There are two types of tart crust/shell, the way I explain it is: one is the buttery type shown above, the other one is the flaky type. Based on what I made above, you’ll notice which one I prefer šŸ˜‰ Egg tarts reminds me of my sister. She loves looking for egg tarts when we go to Chinatown in any states in USA. I don’t remember her liking egg tarts so much back in KL though :p I love making egg tarts but it’s pretty tedious to form a nice mould for the crust but looks like it’s time for me to try it out again after playing around with pie crusts, I have more confidence in handling tart crust now. I have used this recipe few times and the only adjustment I made is reducing the sugar content.

The tarts in the picture above was madeĀ in Ann Arbor, I must have been doing it to de-stress :p Arrgh, missing Ann Arbor! I would say egg tart is pretty unknown among my non-Chinese friends…I have received mixed reviews about it when I brought egg tarts for a pot luck gathering comprising of White Americans, Asian Americans, Indian, White-AsianĀ American, Middle Eastern American. Anyhow, I still love egg tarts šŸ˜‰



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