Sesame chicken + stir fried bak choy


Sesame chicken + stir fried bak choy

I grew up having white rice with at least three dishes, a typical home cooked Chinese meal. My mom would go to market every morning to get ingredients for the dinner. I didn’t realize how tough was it for her to decide what to cook for the family every day until I live alone especially when he is around during summer. No, I don’t go to market every day, I try to go to grocery store only once a week, thus my strategy is different from mom. I have to think of what to cook based on what I have in the fridge 😉 And considering I work full time and less people to feed compared six people for mom, I normally make two dishes, for dinner and next day’s lunch.

The photo shows sesame chicken but you don’t see much of sesame seeds because I was running out of them. You can find the recipe here and it wasn’t too difficult to make except for the fact that have deep fry them 😉 as for the greens, all you need are garlic and oyster sauce.



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