Lemon Cream Puffs


Lemon Cream Puffs

I was just randomly searching for baking recipes and found this lemon cream puff. It has been on my phone browser for few days till I decided to try it out today since I have all the ingredients at home. Making this reminds me of my brother who has passion making desserts and I had seen him trying to make his perfect cream puffs, numerous times. And while tasting these cream puffs with bf, he told me he loves cream puffs! That is something I didn’t know! What a coincidence 😉 I made some adjustment to the recipe, I added lemon zest (rub the zest with the sugar before putting them on stove, it smells so good! but really, your treats will be tastier!) to the lemon cream filling and discarded the egg (just because I am not sure if it makes sense to boil the egg with the rest of the lemon cream filling). The result: it does taste like lemon cream puffs :p and he, as a fan of cream puffs approve it! So, I guess the first attempt to make this is not too bad at all!



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