Ayam Percik


Ayam Percik

I am not sure what is it called in English, so let’s use the Malay name for this dish ayam percik 😉 the first time I made this was for a international food feast that my roommates and I organized during our summer internship last year. I browsed many recipes to decide which one I can follow easily with limited ingredients being away from home and limited kitchen utensils. I ended up using my ex-co-worker’a recipe which is still in my gmail inbox. So when I made it again recently (on his request, can you believe it? Mat salleh is asking for this dish :p), I just needed to search for the recipe in my inbox.

For those who are unfamiliar with Malay dishes, this dish uses lemon grass, shallots, coconut milk and turmeric powder. This dish is commonly found in Ramadhan bazaar, during the Muslims’ fasting month. But you can also find this in Kelantan, one of the east coast states in Peninsular Malaysia. Not to say you can’t find it in other place but I believe people normally associate ayam percik with Kelantan 😉 let me know if you want my friend’s recipe, otherwise you can search for recipes online too 😉 One fond memory about ayam percik is my best buddy and I would purchase so much of food from Ramadhan bazaar back in our undergrad days in UTP, Tronoh Perak, which has majority of Malay population. Another dish that we would normally get is rojak pasembor!

Ayam percik recipe, originally from WanZul:


2-4 Chicken legs (or drumsticks/thighs)

Shallots – 10 cloves

Garlic – 2 cloves

Lemon grass – 3 stalks

Santan (coconut milk) about – about 200ml or more if you want to reduce the spiciness

Tamarind juice (or asam keping) – 1/4 cup

Tumeric powder

Chilli paste (or dried chilli)


Pre-heat oven at 450F.

Make some shallow cuts on the chicken

Marinate the chicken with tumeric powder + pinch of salt

Place chicken on baking dish and bake in oven, set timer for about 40 mins or more.

Blend shallots + Lemon grass + garlic  + turmeric powder + chilli paste(semi-fine)

Saute the blended ingredients with some oil until fragrant.

Pour in the coconut milk. Keep on stirring while it’s cooking for about 20-30 mins. It should be thick like gravy.

Add some tamarind juice and salt

Spread some cause on the chicken when it is half cooked at about 20-mins mark.

You can spread a little bit more when it is 3/4 cook.

When the chicken is cooked, remove the baking dish from oven and make final spread for presentation.





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